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Serving the industry since 1982. Refurbishing, Recycling, Re-Purposing, Asset Management, IT Disposition, Buying, Selling, We’re here to help.

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Renewable and Reusable Products, Reducing Our Carbon Footprint On The Planet

At RBD Electronics, our journey since 1982 reflects our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and responsible business practices. As a leading IT Equipment Recycling Company and one of the foremost ITAD Providers, we take pride in offering comprehensive solutions for electronic technology.


Responsibly Handled

15,299,748.03 lbs. of E-Waste


"RBD Electronics, Where Sustainability Meets Excellence."

Whether you’re seeking secure IT Disposal, efficient Data Destruction Services, or responsible Electronic Waste Recycling, RBD Electronics is your trusted partner. Our dedication to environmentally conscious practices is reinforced by our R2v3 certification, ensuring that every step of the IT Asset Disposition process adheres to the highest standards.

Secure Data Destruction

In the age of data breaches, certified data
destruction is non-negotiable.


New & refurbished IT equipment

RBD Electronics, Your Source for New Refurbished IT Equipment.

ITAD Services

As IT assets approach the end of their lifecycle,
their management becomes critical to avoid
potential liabilities.


Sell us your IT Equipment

In the fast-paced world of technology,
keeping your IT equipment current is essential.


retire or dispose of E-waste

Electronic Recycling

Explore our specialized services, from IT Asset Recovery and Certified Data Destruction to Sell Your IT Equipment and Buy IT Equipment options. Our goal is to maximize returns on your investment while minimizing the environmental impact of retired IT assets.


Specialized Business Services


Return On Investment

Returns on your investment are valuable proceeds sitting in your stock room, warehouse, loading docks, or storage closets...


It Asset Disposition

Processing retired IT Equipment can be a daunting task. Ensuring you are handing your equipment off to a responsible reliable...


Data Destruction

Are you concerned about your data getting out? Worried your data may find it’s way out and used against you? Is your data...


Electronic Recycling

Are you looking to retire or dispose of E-waste? We can help. Computers, laptops, servers, switches, storage arrays. Keyboards...

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