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Unlocking Value with RBD Electronics' ITAD Services and E-Waste Recycling

RBD Electronics stands as a beacon of excellence in IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services and e-waste recycling. With a legacy dating back to 1982, we’ve consistently evolved to meet the dynamic needs of the electronics industry.
Our ITAD services are designed to cater to the unique requirements of businesses seeking secure and responsible IT equipment disposal. From the meticulous handling of retired assets to certified data destruction, RBD Electronics ensures a seamless and eco-friendly process.
In the realm of e-waste recycling, we emerge as your nearest electronic recycling center, providing comprehensive solutions for retiring electronics. As committed e-waste buyers, we specialize in environmentally conscious e-waste management services, ensuring your electronic devices find a new purpose without contributing to environmental pollution.
With RBD Electronics, embark on a journey of sustainable practices and responsible electronics disposal.

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Optimize Your ITAD Process with RBD Electronics:

Before initiating the ITAD process, we engage in thorough discussions to comprehend your unique requirements fully. As no two ITAD processes are identical, our team invests time in analyzing your needs, providing valuable guidance, and presenting customized solutions. RBD Electronics often provides ITAD services at no cost to clients, transforming what might be perceived as a cost into a cost-saving and revenue-generating opportunity.

Logistics: Safely Package and Transport Equipment:

RBD can provide a solution to safely and adequately package your equipment. Every location is unique to its surroundings. We have the experience and personnel to guide you through preparation to ship or come on-site and package it for you. Whether it’s small package UPS or FedEx for small box items, or Server Racks to pallets of equipment, we know how to handle your material so it arrives to us in the same condition it was sitting in your facility before it left.

Ensuring Accurate Inventory:

Upon receiving the IT assets at our headquarters, our ITAD professionals weigh and categorize every container. This meticulous data, added to our ERP system, complements our commitment to quality processes and organization, as highlighted by our ISO 9001 certification.

Precision in Asset Organization:

RBD Electronics takes pride in the audit process. Scanning the make, model, serial number, and asset tag of every item received, ensuring meticulous attention to each asset.  Through this process, we determine which items are fit for resale or recycling. For data security, data-bearing devices are isolated, documented in the ERP, and securely stored in a restricted-access cage with surveillance cameras.

Test, Repair & Refurbish Assets:

Assets earmarked for resale undergo in-depth testing and the refurbishing process. Nonfunctional equipment is directed to recycling. Items are thoroughly cleaned, ensuring maximum value during the sales process.

Data Security and HDD/SSD Shredding:

In this phase, we prioritize the security of your data. At some point, everything we do ends up getting stored on a hard drive. Whether it’s a Laptop, Desktop PC, Server, Storage Array, or NAS, it’s on a hard drive. And these Hard Drives have gotten tiny. They can be soldered directly to motherboards, sealed inside tablets, Cell Phones, Printers, and copiers, in places you wouldn’t think twice about. RBD is ready to handle and destroy your data securely. We offer HDD shredding service or secure data wipe to NIST 800 Standards. Whatever your preference, we have you covered.

Electronic Recycling:

At RBD Electronics, our tailored solutions recognize the unique needs of each company. Our comprehensive process begins with securing your equipment and providing detailed chain of custody documentation. Recoverable materials undergo meticulous sorting for the extraction of precious metals, while non-reusable materials are responsibly shredded for efficient recycling. We ensure none of your material contributes to landfills or overseas pollution, emphasizing our commitment to eco-friendly practices. Additionally, our dedication extends to responsible electronic recycling post-refurbishing, contributing to sustainable waste management. Partnering with certified R2 Recycling entities, we offer transparent downstream reports on every element processed, showcasing our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Remarketing/Reuse and Sell Products:

Various channels are utilized for marketing IT assets, ensuring the highest return possible. RBD specializes in bringing your retired equipment back to life. Depending on the quality of your material, this is where you realize a return on your investment. If you are keeping your technology current, your retired equipment will have good value. We’ve got the marketing skills to ensure you returns that will make you happy. We can buy the material outright, or we can do a revenue share program with consignment. You’re in control. We’ll discuss your options and get to a comfortable solution that works for you and your organization that leaves everyone satisfied.

Packing and Shipping Excellence & Reclaiming IT Investment:

Upon sale confirmation, we immediately alert our ERP system, ensuring swift item delivery to customers and faster payment for our clients. Items are cleaned, inspected, and packaged before transfer to the shipping department. A tracking number is shared with the purchasing customer. Depending on the agreed revenue-generating strategy (Upfront Payment, Sort and Settle, Consignment/Revenue Sharing), clients receive returns within days or quarters.