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IT Asset Disposition Services


RBD can provide a solution to safely and adequately package your equipment. Every location is unique to its surroundings. We have the experience and personnel to guide you through preparation to ship, or come on site and package it for you. Whether it’s small package UPS or FedEx for small box items, or Server Racks to pallets of equipment, we know how to handle your material so it arrives to us in the same condition it was sitting in your facility before it left.

Data security

At some point, everything we do ends up getting stored on a hard drive. Whether it’s a Laptop, Desktop PC, Server, Storage Array, or NAS, it’s on a hard drive. And these Hard Drives have gotten tiny. They can be soldered directly to motherboards, sealed inside tablets, Cell Phones, Printers, and copiers, in places you wouldn’t think twice about. RBD is ready to handle and destroy your data securely. We offer to shred on site or wipe to NIST 800 Standards. Whatever your preference, we have you covered.

Remarketing / Reuse

RBD Specializes in bringing your retired equipment back to life and we’ll remarket your product for the largest return possible. Depending on the quality of your material, this is where you realize a return on your investment. If you are keeping your technology current, your retired equipment will have good value. We’ve got the marketing skills to ensure you returns that will make you happy. We can buy the material outright, or we can do a revenue share program with consignment. You’re in control. We’ll discuss your options and get to a comfortable solution that works for you and your organization that leaves everyone satisfied.

Electronic Recycling

We’ve got a solution that will be tailored to your specific requirement because no 2 companies are the same. It begins with taking custody of your equipment. We’ll provide you with a chain of custody documentation and a report of the materials we picked up from your pickup location. When recoverable, your report will include make, model, and serial numbers, or a description if we’re not able to notate the specifics. The material will then be sorted and broken into commodities where precious metals can be extracted for reuse. Once recoverable materials have been separated, the balance will be shredded into a further process where they can be recycled for reuse.

Your material will not end up in a landfill or a barge heading to a country with no environmental policies, left as a contaminant to our environment.  We do our part to insure we are taking the necessary steps to be responsible Stewards to our planet and as a result, you will be too. With our certified R2 Recycling partners, we can provide you with any and all downstream reports, upon request, that account for every element, chemical, contaminate, and commodity harvested from the processing of your equipment.


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