Are you looking to retire or dispose of E-waste?  We can help.  Computers, laptops, servers, switches, storage arrays. Keyboards and mice, or LCD monitors. They all need a resting place when they get tired.

We’ve got solutions specific to your requirement because no two companies are the same. It begins with taking custody of your equipment. We’ll provide you with chain of custody documentation and a report of the materials we picked up from your pickup location. When recoverable, the details include make, model, serial numbers, or a description if we will not be able to notate the specifics. The material will then be sorted and broken into commodities where precious metals get extracted for reuse. Once recoverable materials are separated, the balance gets shredded into a further process where they are recycled for reuse. The bottom line is that your material will not end up in a landfill or a barge heading to some overseas country with no environmental policies that end up as contamination in our environment. We do our part to ensure we are taking the necessary steps to be responsible Stewards to our planet as a result you will be too. With our certified R2 Recycling partners, we can provide you with all downstream reports, upon request, that account for every element, chemical, contaminate, and commodity harvested from the processing of your equipment.

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